jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

Normas Del Buen Hablante y Buen Oyente

1-.Normas Del Buen Hablante (Emisor):

• Pensar bien lo que se vaya a decir
• Mirar atentamente a la persona a quien se le va hablar.
• Pronunciar correctamente las palabras y el tono de voz adecuada.
• Dejar hablar a los demás cuando tengan una idea que quieran expresar.
• Ser amable y adecuado al hablar.

-Normas Del Buen Oyente (Receptor):

• Escuchar a la persona que esta hablando.
• Mirar atentamente a la persona con quien se habla.
• No interrumpir al hablante.
• Hablar cuando ya la otra persona haya terminado su idea.

2-.Oracines de voz activa con las siguientes palabras:


-I paint a sunset in my home.
-she wrote the complete math exercises.
-he wins a lot of money to repair computers.
-they discovered the story of Simon Bolibar.
-I ate a pizza in the americas.
-he could have the order in the classroom today.
-I did the math exercises in the afternoon.
-she bought a beauty studio.
-I never steal if needed or I miss the lake.
-he is very open with people talking.

-Oraciones de voz pasiva:

-I paint in my house one evening.
-complete math exercises for her.
-to repair the computers make much money.
-Simon Bolibar history they discovered.
-in the americas I ate a pizza.
-order in the class today he could have.
-In the afternoon I hize math exercises.
-a beauty studio will buy it.
-if needed or I miss the lake I never steal.
-people to talk to are very Abiet.

3-.Oraciones de voz Pasiva:

The cat is powered by Mary.
The ball is thrown by Peter.
The computer is used by John.
The book is read by Ramon.
The hamster is cherished by Teresa.
The car is driven by Louis.
The candles are blown by Dolores.
The film is regarded by Irene.
The nuts are eaten by Jorge.
The jacket is pressed by Raul.

-Oraciones de voz Activa:

Mary fed the cat.
Pedro throws the ball.
John uses the computer.
Ramon is reading a book.
Teresa pet the hamster.
Luis driving his new car.
Dolores blows out the candles.
Irene watch the movie.
Jorge eats pistachios.
Raul iron his jacket.

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